10 June 2011

Kerrang! Music Awards 2011

Finally I can blab about my top secret job! I was making cupcakes for the Kerrang! Music Awards 2011 this week. VERY exciting and big thank you to Miss Cakehead who master minded the whole thing, click on her name to see the carnage from the Awards on her blog. The audience were handed the yummy cupcakes whilst sat at their tables.

Who knows, Alice Cooper may have eaten one of my cakes... that is the dream.

Here are the cupcakes, miniature versions of the actual awards given out this year.

If you want to see the 'other' cupcakes I made for the Awards then check out The Butcher of Caker Street blog - please please do not look at this if you are easily offended, the cakes are rude and lude...


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