27 September 2010

Experimental Food Society Spectacular cake sculptures

I did it, it's over and it was a great success!
The Experimental Food Society Spectacular was incredible. There were queues stretching down Brick lane all day as people clamoured to get at the culinary treats inside.

Love to Cake's exhibits included a life size gorilla cake sculpture, Floating Hedge cakes, and me doing a live sculpture demo of a Sea Turtle.

The Gorilla was massive and presided over the days events...

The day event went on until 5, then we cleared up and got ready for the evening's Banquet. Members of the public who bought tickets would be entertained all night and served a multi course meal by foodies such as jelly mongers Bombas and Parr, Blanch and Shock food design, butter sculptore Simon Smith, food landscape photographer Carl Warner and of course, cakes sculptures by Love to Cake.

Love to Cake made 3 spherical chocolate cake hedges covered in chocolate leaves and birds. When the dessert course arrived the cakes were bought out and admired, then taken to the kitchens and dished out to the guests.

There were lots of press there so keep your eyes peeled for Love to Cake in the papers over the next few weeks.
It was a 20 hour day but it was incredible. More giant cake sculptures here I come...


24 September 2010

Experimental Food Society Spectacular

Leaves, leaves, leaves... birds, birds, chocolate, fur..

I am currently creating some enormous and crazy exhibits for the Experimental food Society Spectacular which is being held Saturday 25th September at The Brick House on Brick Lane, East London. There will be many amazing people exhibiting there who do incredible things with food - Lili Vanilli, Michelle Sugar Art and Carl Warner are a few of the big names.

Less than 24 hours to go...

I have enlisted the help of my wonderful husband and our mate Davith as I cannot physically carry any of my exhibits. I have also rented a Streetvan - very very handy - to get me and my cakes get to the venue. Fingers crossed I don't drive into a pothole or collide with anyone...
There is nothing more terrifying than driving with a cake that took you 5 days to make in the car on the uneven and speed bumpy roads of East London.

Wish me luck!

Click here to find out about this new Society and Saturday 25th's spectacular.