28 November 2010

Drinking Horse Sculpture cake

This one was tough, it took a lot of planning but I loved making it and am really pleased with it. The structure was quite complicated as the weight needed to be distributed evenly to make it work.

Nic Fiddian Green creates the most incredible and enormous horse sculptures (think Marble Arch), my client loves them and so this was a tribute to him.

Here is one of his sculptures and I used this style to create the cake.

And here's the cake...


23 November 2010

Company Magazine shoot Christmas Cake

This month Love to Cake is in Company Magazine. I was invited along to be photographed along side other young women who had set up their own businesses. It was pretty terrifying having my photo taken but I got through it and covered myself with fake snow which camouflaged me well...

Here is the Christmas Cake and cupcakes I made for the shoot. They looked wonderful in the pictures and I've had lots of calls which is brilliant.


Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cake

Here's a cake I made the other day for Rose's 6th birthday. This one smelt incredibly chocolatey and was full of squidgy chocolate butter cream.

I'm making a Horse sculpture cake this week using rice crispie treats as a structure for the first time. VERY useful. Watch this space for the pictures...


12 November 2010

Halloween White Wolf Cake

Here he is, my favourite Halloween cake...
I had wanted to make something completely terrifying but the birthday girl was only 10 and loves the 'Twilight' movies so we went with a white howling wolf instead... I LOVE him and so did she.

His mouth was made with chocolate paste and then glazed so it looked incredibly realistic.

I will however be making the absolutely terrifying wolf cake at some point so watch this space...


02 November 2010

The World's First 18+ Cake Shop

This Halloween Love to Cake took part in the world's first over 18 cake shop in Shoreditch, East London.

"Eat Your Heart Out and The Pretox Potion" was a huge success and the brain child of serial blogger Miss Cakehead.

There was coverage on BBC's The One Show so it promised to be a packed out event. Queues stretched down the road as hungry customers waited to experience the shop's gruesome delights.
With a background in Special make up and creature effects I literally jumped at the chance to get involved and covered in blood and guts once again.

This blog contains cakes that some people may find disturbing...

WARNING 18+ only

Love to Cake's Zombie roadkill cake.
No badgers were harmed in the making of this cake.

Wound and stitches cupcakes as seen

Vile vanilla, reeking raspberry and chilling chocolate made up the wounds and stitches cupcakes. Unbelievably, they were a sell out.

And so passes another Halloween. Big thanks to Miss Cakehead who allowed me to dabble in the dark side once more. I think I've got a taste for it again...


26 October 2010

Chocolate Chocolate... Unwrapped

Since the exhibition for the Experimental Food Society last month everything has gone crazy...
Amongst other things Love to Cake were asked to feature at the Chocolate Unwrapped show on the Southbank... bring out the Gorilla!

Love to Cake has also worked with London Zoo - Halloween cupcake pictures coming soon... and will feature at "Eat Your Heart Out and The Pretox Potion" - over 18's only... watch this space for gruesome pictures of cake roadkill...

And finally a triumph in cake sculpture. Love to Cake was asked to make a Billy Bragg CD cover cake...
"Must I Paint You A Picture. The Essential Billy Bragg"

It worked perfectly and 40 year old birthday boy Gareth loved it.


27 September 2010

Experimental Food Society Spectacular cake sculptures

I did it, it's over and it was a great success!
The Experimental Food Society Spectacular was incredible. There were queues stretching down Brick lane all day as people clamoured to get at the culinary treats inside.

Love to Cake's exhibits included a life size gorilla cake sculpture, Floating Hedge cakes, and me doing a live sculpture demo of a Sea Turtle.

The Gorilla was massive and presided over the days events...

The day event went on until 5, then we cleared up and got ready for the evening's Banquet. Members of the public who bought tickets would be entertained all night and served a multi course meal by foodies such as jelly mongers Bombas and Parr, Blanch and Shock food design, butter sculptore Simon Smith, food landscape photographer Carl Warner and of course, cakes sculptures by Love to Cake.

Love to Cake made 3 spherical chocolate cake hedges covered in chocolate leaves and birds. When the dessert course arrived the cakes were bought out and admired, then taken to the kitchens and dished out to the guests.

There were lots of press there so keep your eyes peeled for Love to Cake in the papers over the next few weeks.
It was a 20 hour day but it was incredible. More giant cake sculptures here I come...


24 September 2010

Experimental Food Society Spectacular

Leaves, leaves, leaves... birds, birds, chocolate, fur..

I am currently creating some enormous and crazy exhibits for the Experimental food Society Spectacular which is being held Saturday 25th September at The Brick House on Brick Lane, East London. There will be many amazing people exhibiting there who do incredible things with food - Lili Vanilli, Michelle Sugar Art and Carl Warner are a few of the big names.

Less than 24 hours to go...

I have enlisted the help of my wonderful husband and our mate Davith as I cannot physically carry any of my exhibits. I have also rented a Streetvan - very very handy - to get me and my cakes get to the venue. Fingers crossed I don't drive into a pothole or collide with anyone...
There is nothing more terrifying than driving with a cake that took you 5 days to make in the car on the uneven and speed bumpy roads of East London.

Wish me luck!

Click here to find out about this new Society and Saturday 25th's spectacular.


24 August 2010


I am married! I am now Mrs Louise Yellowlees... My wedding was quite simply the BEST WEDDING EVER, I wish you could all have been there.

Obviously I had to create the BEST WEDDING CAKE EVER so I went with the Welsh/Scottish theme of our wedding and produced a Welsh Spotted Show Sheep. She was a pleasure to make, loved every minute of the day but, sadly did not make it through the evening. By midnight she was gone!

Here she is grazing outside.

As you can see she was enormous. She could have fed over 200 people but 120 managed to finish her off with ease so it was all good.


04 July 2010

Love to Cake first newsletter

Hooray! Love to Cake will be sending out our very first newsletter at the end of July.

Each edition will feature lots of cakey bits and bobs like...

Love to Cake's most recent amazing creations
Hints and tips on baking
Cake sculpture ideas
Party theme ideas
Discounts on cakes and cupcakes and more...

Pretty much everything you can imagine that's to do with cake!

Subscribers will receive 1 newsletter every 2 months and if you change you mind you can unsubscribe very easily and I will never share your details with any other companies.

If you would like to subscribe you can visit this link: Love to Cake Newsletter


15 June 2010

Fairy Cake Crazy...

Fairy cakes ahoy!
This Fairy cake was lots of fun to make, especially cutting the hair off the doll so that I could sculpt some chocolate icing hair instead...

She was made with vanilla sponge and chocolate ganache icing inside. Lots of chocolate paste on the outside for the flowing dress and wings. Then edible glitter for that sparkly fairy look, lovely.

In the same week I also made a Fairy house cake with a lovely little rose garden and smoke puffing out of the chimney.

Little Antigone had it for her first birthday and loved it.

So many fairies, so little time...



09 June 2010

Mr Happy cake meets... Mr Happy?

Here is Mr Happy, he is made of squidgy vanilla butter cream, vanilla sponge and chocolate paste...

Here is Mr Happy meeting... Mr Happy.

I used to work at advertising agency Wieden and Kennedy and my old work pal Dave Bruno wanted a cake for his girlfriends' 30th birthday. Mr Happy did the job and she was over the moon.

Good work



07 May 2010

Finding Nemo cake

Here he is, the new Finding Nemo cake. I made this in the same way as the Nemo cake I made for Peter Andre which features in 'New' Magazine and 'OK' Magazine twice.
Nemo's poking his little head out of his Anemone home and there's lots of colourful coral life around him, I love making this cake and it changes every time I make it.
I make all the coral using chocolate paste which does admittedly take a very long time, but its worth it in the end.


05 May 2010

Sparkly butterfly mini wedding cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for wedding emergency last week. The bakers had let the bride down so Love to Cake stepped up.

Love to Cake makes the cakes and our sister company Cupcakes ahoy! makes the cupcakes. It has a different name but it's really all still me making all things cake in my kitchen at home.

You can visit the site through the link on Love to Cake and at www.cupcakesahoy.co.uk

Having just bought a new pot of white sparkly dust this was the perfect opportunity to use it. Black cases, white chocolate butter icing and red chocolate paste butterflies and hearts. They smelt incredible and tasted amazing.

Watch out for my white chocolate butter cream recipe post, coming soon...


Hedge cakes

Hello and welcome to my first entry on the Love to Cake blog.
It's finally here.
We did it.
My name is Louise and I make the cakes...

It's crazy busy at the moment and I'm branching out to new pastures of cake sculpture.
Hedge cakes are where it's at. I'd been eyeing up the hedges downstairs in the cupcake cafe at Selfridges for a while and I finally got the chance to make one.
Watch this space for more weird and wonderful hedge shapes...