05 January 2011

Bring on 2011

Happy New Year everyone. I had a surprisingly good one hosting a party round at ours, playing games and being silly. 'The Chocolate Game' and 'Crappers' are a must to bring in the new year...

So I'm back and raring to go. It was so crazy over the holidays I totally forgot to upload a giant cake I made so here's a flash back to before Christmas!

Fresh zesty lemon sponge, enormous amounts of cake, and for the first time... Rice crispie treats!
I used the treats to make the presents and the high top trainers... they took forever but it was worth all the effort.

The birthday boy really loved the cake so I went home happy.

Stay tuned for some more cakes! Newsletter goes out Monday so if you haven't signed up click here and I'll be sending one your way.


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