02 November 2010

The World's First 18+ Cake Shop

This Halloween Love to Cake took part in the world's first over 18 cake shop in Shoreditch, East London.

"Eat Your Heart Out and The Pretox Potion" was a huge success and the brain child of serial blogger Miss Cakehead.

There was coverage on BBC's The One Show so it promised to be a packed out event. Queues stretched down the road as hungry customers waited to experience the shop's gruesome delights.
With a background in Special make up and creature effects I literally jumped at the chance to get involved and covered in blood and guts once again.

This blog contains cakes that some people may find disturbing...

WARNING 18+ only

Love to Cake's Zombie roadkill cake.
No badgers were harmed in the making of this cake.

Wound and stitches cupcakes as seen

Vile vanilla, reeking raspberry and chilling chocolate made up the wounds and stitches cupcakes. Unbelievably, they were a sell out.

And so passes another Halloween. Big thanks to Miss Cakehead who allowed me to dabble in the dark side once more. I think I've got a taste for it again...


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