07 May 2010

Finding Nemo cake

Here he is, the new Finding Nemo cake. I made this in the same way as the Nemo cake I made for Peter Andre which features in 'New' Magazine and 'OK' Magazine twice.
Nemo's poking his little head out of his Anemone home and there's lots of colourful coral life around him, I love making this cake and it changes every time I make it.
I make all the coral using chocolate paste which does admittedly take a very long time, but its worth it in the end.


05 May 2010

Sparkly butterfly mini wedding cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for wedding emergency last week. The bakers had let the bride down so Love to Cake stepped up.

Love to Cake makes the cakes and our sister company Cupcakes ahoy! makes the cupcakes. It has a different name but it's really all still me making all things cake in my kitchen at home.

You can visit the site through the link on Love to Cake and at www.cupcakesahoy.co.uk

Having just bought a new pot of white sparkly dust this was the perfect opportunity to use it. Black cases, white chocolate butter icing and red chocolate paste butterflies and hearts. They smelt incredible and tasted amazing.

Watch out for my white chocolate butter cream recipe post, coming soon...


Hedge cakes

Hello and welcome to my first entry on the Love to Cake blog.
It's finally here.
We did it.
My name is Louise and I make the cakes...

It's crazy busy at the moment and I'm branching out to new pastures of cake sculpture.
Hedge cakes are where it's at. I'd been eyeing up the hedges downstairs in the cupcake cafe at Selfridges for a while and I finally got the chance to make one.
Watch this space for more weird and wonderful hedge shapes...